300_cornerstones-ENGOur cornerstones

PanLink believes that in order to attract and retain employees and customers we must excel within four key areas. We aim to fulfill our mission and strive towards our vision through these four cornerstones, focusing on our two most valuable assets – our employees and our customers.


  • Long-term production partner
  • Long history of product assembly
  • Strong sales performance
  • Financially stable ownership
  • Balanced customer and supplier base


  • We develop with our customers
  • We support our employees development
  • We create relationships built on trust and respect
  • We grow by helping our employees and customers grow


  • We strive for responsible growth, taking care of our people and our surroundings
  • We take CSR issues seriously and aim to minimize our effect on the environment


  • World class performance on all levels is essential
  • Lean production techniques & business continuity planning for high quality delivery
  • Proactive approach to business
  • We invest in technology, our employees and in our relationships

Our values

We constantly strive to improve our offer to our customers for today and tomorrow. We pride ourselves in being true to our word. It is important to us that we deliver our promises and live up to the PanLink way of doing things. Everyone at PanLink takes ownership and responsibility for doing our best at all times. To help us do this we have a set of values to guide us.

AMBITION – Our ambition is what drives us and makes us continuously strive for improvement.

ACCOUNTABILITY  – We are accountable for our actions. When we say we’ll do something, we do it. We walk the talk.

INTEGRITYWe care about doing the right thing and always with good business ethics.