At PanLink Corporate Social Responsibility is second nature to us, and we believe that taking a responsible approach benefits our employees, our customers and all those in our supply chain.

We have always been an equal opportunity employer. We oppose any form of direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnic or national origin, class, colour, age, disability, religion and religious beliefs and employment status.

We act responsibly and do our best to ensure that all those in our supply chain do the same. We take into account local laws and codes of practice regarding health and safety, ethics and the environment, and aim to provide a healthy, safe and secure working environment for all employees.

Dedicated teams are active in our sites in Europe and China to audit and approve new suppliers to ensure sound business practices.

Please see our attached documents for more information.

Corporate Social Responsibility – PanLink Group Policy

Anti-Bribery and Corruption – PanLink Group Policy

Diversity and Equal Opportunity – PanLink Group Policy

Whistleblowing Procedure – PanLink Group Policy

Conflict Minerals – PanLink Mission Statement