Filip Janiak

"Working at PanLink is challenging and dynamic but it's also fun and it's never boring!"

Name: Filip Janiak

Job title: Business Development Manager

Location: Tczew, Poland

Employed since: 2010

I joined as a Technical Project Manager, with responsibilities for technical support to the sales team. On my first project I helped one of our biggest clients on production start-up support in China. After one year I was promoted to Program Manager. Since joining PanLink I have always had the chance to learn from my colleagues and within the sales team we all get strong support from each other. PanLink has really helped me develop a wide range of skills and they supported my education on an MBA program. Last year I was promoted to my current position as Business Development Manager, it feels great that I’ve had so many opportunities to develop.

Agnieszka Linowska

"People at PanLink care about relationships, I met my best friend here."

Name: Agnieszka Linowska

Job title: Production Team Leader

Location: Tczew, Poland

Employed since: 2007

Everyday is different at PanLink, there are new things happening everyday and there are many opportunities to learn new things. I joined 8 years ago and worked as a Manual Operator for an automotive customer. Since then I have worked on many different projects and learned many production processes and testing of cable harnesses. I’ve learned many technical skills and been on IPC training programs. Its feels that my development has been supported and appreciated. Today I’m a team leader and supervise and manage my team. I really enjoy training people and I also get to collaborate with the engineers and logistics teams.

Mateusz Lubiejewski

"I feel appreciated, people recognise my knowledge of the production process"

Name: Mateusz Lubiejewski

Job title: Program Co-ordinator

Location: Tczew, Poland

Employed since: 2013

I started working here a couple of years ago as a sales planner in the logistics department. People noticed my engagement and interest in production, customer service and my good product knowledge. I’ve spent a lot of time on the production floor learning about product assembly, this really helps me understand how important good quality is and enables me to have a good understanding of what we offer to our customers. Today I work in the sales department and am responsible for good customer relationships. Everyday is different and there are new challenges, I really like that.

Piotr Kurlenda

"Year by year our company is growing and I really feel part of that success."

Name: Piotr Kurlenda

Job title: Sales Manager

Location: Tczew

Employed since: 2009

I have a technical background and started here as a Technical Project Manager. Right from the start, the company’s development planning enabled me to learn, add value and be ambitious. A year after joining I became a Program Manager. Working in the sales department I met many interesting people and really enjoyed the team work. An important part of PanLink’s culture is to invest in people and I was given the opportunity of an MBA education. I am so happy that the people in PanLink believe in me; today I work as a sales manager.