crimping_250pxWe have versatile production solutions in crimping for low, medium to high volume, with high production capabilities and integrated quality measurements.

For a fully-automated process for single wire we have Komas Alpha 355 machines designed for one and two-sided crimping. This enables:

  • Double-crimp connections involving varying lengths and same wire types
  • Dual channel base system allowing for a range of wire sizes without blade changes
  • Crimp-height measurement and other quality control features
  • High production output

For medium volume production we utilise semi-automated presses from TYCO that offers increased output and quality and are used for terminating wire using reeled terminals and contacts. The integrated cameras allow for quick set up and fault-proof systems, means we can set up a production process with poka-yoke (error proofing) solutions.

For lower volumes and a more manual process we have pneumatic presses for single terminals, such as WDT.